Friday, December 30, 2011

The Answer

On my knees...I could spend more time there. When I think of the things I "should" be doing, on my knees in prayer always tops my list.

It's the things we "should" do that usually don't get done...until we are so desperate, we cannot not do them.

The times I am driven to my knees most, the reason this dance was created, well, it was in desperation. I'll never forget dropping to my knees in fear & pain. Crushed by the things that come when we "grow-up" and realize that people we thought were perfect are far from it. But more than that, I have been driven to my knees by my fear and hatred of myself. I found someone who was lacking, I couldn't depend on her anymore...

The Answer from Shelby Lynn on Vimeo.

On my knees in my college dorm room, and in times since, I have been driven there by circumstances I never could have predicted.  But, I find in that moment all the answers I need. The pain does not end, the problem is not solved, but a connection with the Creator of the universe is found. The realization that I'm not alone anchors me to the truth. And even though I don't have the answers, I find the courage to get off my knees and take another step. Funny how falling to my knees gives me what I need to get off of them.

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