Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So it begins

Why Blog?
That's the question that I have been asking myself for months.
I journal, those thoughts are meant to be private, between me & God or me and myself.

But I'm learning that even though I'm an introvert, I long to connect, to genuinely reach out and be a part of someone else's life experience, and have them be a part of mine.

To share in this thing we call life, and the struggle to live.
I want to live life, and I want that for others. I want the truth to prevail, and as much as a blog is about the person writing it, I want this to be about Someone else...the One that I'm trying to figure out.

I believe in art, in beauty in the ordinary and that sometimes the hurt of our lives, of my life, makes my heart ache for something more. I want to find that and explore that, to inspire and be inspired. Others inspire me, I want to be in a community where inspiration happens. So, I've decided to blog.


  1. Dear Shelby,
    I saw you on tv this evening and rejoice with you for God's restoration in your life! I have a family member recovering from an eating disorder and feel sure she could relate to you and your blog. So we all continue to keep growing in Christ and embracing the Truth in His Living Word. Thank you for sharing! and ps...... growing in grace myself :) and hoping to revive my blog: God Bless You, Lisa

    1. Lisa, I'm so glad you found my blog, and sorry it took me awhile to respond. Being mommy and working full time, a little overwhelmed around here! I will be praying for your family member, there is HOPE! Hang in there, and thanks for the encouragement.