Of all the ways to connect with God, dance is one of my favorites. I've been dancing since I was four years-old, and there were seasons when I didn't want to have anything to do with it. But God has redeemed this gift not only to connect with Him, but to share with you.

The Answer from Shelby Lynn on Vimeo.
On my knees in my college dorm room, and in times since, I have been driven there by circumstances I never could have predicted. But, I find in that moment all the answers I need. The pain does not end, the problem is not solved, but a connection with the Creator of the universe is found. The realization that I'm not alone anchors me to the truth. And even though I don't have the answers, I find the courage to get off my knees and take another step. Funny how falling to my knees gives me what I need to get off of them. Read full blog post here.

Live4Truth from Shelby Lynn on Vimeo.
I want to live for truth, I want to seek it where it may be found. One of the things I ache for is to see that truth catch fire in others so they would live in freedom with me. "...Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you." John 8:32. Read full blog post here.

The Fire from Shelby Lynn on Vimeo.
I was asked to choreograph this dance for a women's conference called "Come to the Fire". This dance was born at a time when the flames in my life were so hot they were licking my flesh. God had allowed me to walk through something so searing, that I honestly did not want any more fire. I wanted His glory to come up from the ashes of the mess that was my life. And I needed his rest. Read full blog post here.

Farther Along from Shelby Lynn on Vimeo.
So this dance isn't perfect, but I'm starting to realize how art parallels life. And we can take heart when things don't go as planned. We'll understand that it was the living, breathing and sweat of the journey that gives us joy and glimpses of real truth, beyond what the end result had ever promised. Read full blog post here.

When God Made You from Shelby Lynn on Vimeo.
Sappy love songs may feel insincere, but this dance was so special and meaningful. The live musician was Michael O'Brien, a national recording artist. The event was the 2012 Share the Love Valentine's Banquet, an event put on by local radio station, STAR 88.3. And the cutie at the end of the dance lifting me off stage, my husband. It was a special night and a special dance to share.

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