Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Like Watching the Ocean

The rise and fall.
Blues and purples ripple across a the surface.
Bubbles form and burst away with a soft gurgle.

Crushing blue.
It pierces your heart,
And reminds you of how small you are.

She's so tiny, fragile, moody even, this child God has placed in my care.
Sarah Lynn Mercy...
Her name is written on my heart, forever a daughter.

I've been to the beach countless times and it's one of my favorite places. The smells, the sounds and of course, the sight. A sunrise or sunset over the ocean is one of life's "must see" moments.

Tonight I was reading about creation out of "The Story" version of the Bible. All that God made and said was "good." But then, He made something in His Own Image: humans.

I get it.

There is a soul, emotions & heart behind those crushing blue eyes. The blues and purples along her forehead pump life, and the weight of this responsibility humbles me. She has been made in the image of God, and I get to watch her character, personality and God-given talents unfold before me.

This is way better than watching a sun set over the ocean.