Someone asked me once what is my message, if given the platform what do I have to say? I told her these two themes:

Truth, it will set you free, it set me free from an eating disorder, lies about perfection & my identity. I want to speak truth every day and shine light in the dark places that lies have created in people's lives.

You are loved. For someone who was raised in a great home, I knew this to be true, but I didn't always understand or believe it from God. In fact, I often felt that to be loved was conditional, based upon something that I did to earn it. But when God's Grace pressed in on me, my eyes saw how His love is so incredibly powerful, it can forgive anything & love anyone. Once I accepted that love, my life was transformed, and it can transform your life too. You are loved.

It's in my blood; to perform, entertain and speak. So even as I dance to connect with God, I dance to connect you to God. As a follower of Jesus I have been sent to communicate truth, whether through words or with dance.

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~ Shelby

P.S. In case you're wondering...I'm in my late twenties, married to a hottie for over 5 years, and the momma to a brand new baby girl. I work for a family-friendly radio station and drink chai almost daily!