Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Number 26

Happy Birthday is my joy to watch you grow. Today, when I look at you I see 26 years of my love flowing over you, rushing to wash away your pain and sin.
Photo via Sarah Smith:
I see you sweetly and simply as a little girl asking my Son to forgive your sins and never leave you. It has been my joy to answer those prayers for you each day, I never want to be away from you. It was my delight to hear you ask for my Presence, and there's nothing I'd more gladly give you.

My heart rejoices over the memory of your college-self wrestling with life and with me. I watched you open your heart - despite the pain - to the truth that has come to set you free. The truth that is my grace, which covers your imperfections. We grew closer that year as you began to see me for who I am, not what you, your church or this world would tell you. Dear one, we walked through the refining fire that has brought you closer to me.

You are a woman now, and still my child. I eagerly expect and hope that you will have sufficient courage, so that now, and always, my Son will be exalted in your body. Be still my child, though it linger, wait for it.  There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have had to endure many trials for a little while. Know this, I love you, I have walked with you 26 years, and will continue to be by your side until the day I hold you in my arms.

~Your Heavenly Father

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