Saturday, September 22, 2012

Makes Me Cry Every Time

Call it pregnancy, being a woman...or perhaps becoming a momma. Whatever it is, there are songs right now that bring me to tears, no wait - weeping. Yes, I break down and weep when I hear these. And I caught myself turning the song off the other day, because I thought

"This is ridiculous, no more crying!" 

But, if I have learned anything, it's that emotions are there for a reason. So these tears, they have a purpose, they express something deep within, and sometimes just the simple act of letting them fall is all I need to do to communicate:
~ deep, intense gratitude to God for bringing me & Silas this far
~ joy at the life growing inside
~ calm and peace knowing I am safe
~ thankfulness that I have been freed from lies
~ an overwhelming sense of responsibility as a wife, and new mother
~ desire to love my family with all of me
~ oh, and all those other emotions that are lingering beneath the surface right before you become a mom: terror, excitement, fear, anxiety, happiness, impatience and much more!

(Click here if video of "Not for a Moment" does not display)

That's why I love music & dance, it expresses things I can't. And I'm pretty sure this, or the song below will be the next dance I choreograph...once this little basketball isn't hanging on to the front of me!

I hope you take the short time to listen to these songs, and if tears come, let them. Allow the emotions they bring to wash over you - to express the unsaid words of your heart.

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