Monday, September 3, 2012

A Broken Record

There are some lessons in life that seem to keep repeating, at least for me anyway. Over and over again, God reminds me not to forget what He's done...and yet live in the present. Forget what is behind, the past failures and mistakes - He's forgotten and forgiven, and so must I.

"See the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you."
Isaiah 42:9

There are so many former things in my life, and probably in yours, that threaten to weigh us down:
- betrayal
- addiction
- lies
- insecurities
- failures
- broken promises

But, God reminds me, He reminds YOU, again and again that those things are over, and new things are coming. Even before they happen we can have HOPE because we have been promised that they will take place. There is good to come, and we know the end of the story. Maybe not this present story, but the big one, the one that matters.

I know that God wins, that good will overcome. It gives me peace when I think about raising this baby girl, Sarah Lynn Mercy. That even though she will experience pain in life, I can speak this truth into her life...God wins, love does overcome and we will have rest.

I pray you receive God's peace, and His promise that new things are coming, even before they "spring into being" God has already announced them!

~ Shelby


  1. Shelby....just spent some time reading through your blog posts and just wanted to let you know that your journey is so encouraging. And so eerily similar to my own--struggling with a loss in perfection, learning to cling to truth and trusting Jesus to be enough. Thank you for sharing! So glad you're still dancing. And so excited for your new mama-journey to begin. It's a pretty amazing one. :) Take care! --Jana

    1. Jana,
      So glad you've found the blog, and that it has encouraged you! I've read through some of your posts on your own blog and agree, wow, that struggle with perfectionism, believing truth and all that, it seems to be much more universal than I ever thought!

      Good to hear from you, and yes, super excited to be a mamma, glad to hear from you that it's wonderful, you're little guy is adorable!