Sunday, January 13, 2013

Demanding Baby

Staring at Sarah again today, it hit me that I pretty much know every single thing about this girl. Spending every waking, (and for her sleeping!) moment together I've learned her facial expressions, how she likes to be held, talked to, and now what even makes her giggle. And, as I eat up another one of her adorable smiles I'm starting to realize how this is the foundation of a great relationship.

We are intimately acquainted, this little girl and me. (Doesn't get much more personal than changing diapers!) But I want to be as intentional with other people in my life as I have been with her.  Babies cry if they want your attention. They literally demand to be heard.  But my husband doesn't cry for my comfort when he's stressed.  I miss out on the details of my best friends' lives when we go for weeks without talking. And, while God is a constant in my life, if I'm honest, I often don't earnestly seek him unless I have a deep need.

Life and people are so important, and this type of deep relationship is so very special. It rewards you with smiles, hugs and the knowledge of truly "knowing" someone. It has reignited within me the desire to listen better to my friends, to know my husband's heart and to pursue God the way I pursue my daughter.

I'm learning the truth that even though we grow up and don't demand attention like we did when we were babies, we still crave it just as much. I long to be loved and truly known.

So I'm starting to see how I have a special job to deeply love and know those in my life. Not just Sarah Lynn, but sweet friends...and if I'd open my eyes, I know there are people right in front of me crying, just like babies, for love. I want to see them, adore them and show them the unconditional love I have in Christ.

~ Shelby


  1. Awww this is so sweet. And I know what you mean. It's the way I can know exactly what my daughter wants without even speaking any words. It's the mother daughter bond that no one else can feel except for you. And it's so very special. I found you through Caseys link up :-)

    1. Glad you checked me out, thanks! I'm learning more about this girl every day, it's amazing!

  2. So very true. It's easy to get caught up in our lives and only seek Him when we need Him. But He is always right there with us, waiting. Great and insightful post. Made me think too.